Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm a boy

02 I'm A Boy by CharlieSlick

"I'm a Boy" was written at a time when I was accepting the immaturity of being a boy. The lyrics were styled to be like a dirty limerick you'd hear on the playground. I wrote them at work when I didn't have any instruments, so they can really be sung over any music. a majority of the lyrics I wrote for "Edward Murphy" could really go over any music--written more for the rhythm than the notes.

I was inspired to write a song about being a boy by the song "boy's keep swinging" by david bowie.

My version is my answer to his tongue in cheek view of being a boy. Mine is a bit more dark but I feel they both have the same vibe.

Musically, it's as simple as it gets. If you were to listen to "I know you love my synthesizers" followed by "now you've got your lasers on me" and then "I'm a boy", you see my steady movement to less notes. I felt that less notes made me less 80's and also different from the washy lush synthesizer "pads" that Electronic bands were using at the time. So I went with just A C D octaves, no chords, and a simple ascending lead. The lead kind of tells you, based on the key it's in, that when you hear an A bass note, it implies an A minor chord, but because a full chord is never played, its less heavy handed.

but all in all, The music is really just a rhythmic spoon to feed you the lyrics.

The song was actually demoed in the style of stuff that Lord of the Yum Yum and Forest (ghost laws and boro) were doing--loops.

Lazy boy (I'm a boy demo) by CharlieSlick

In this version there is a lost verse about being a leader. In the finally album version, it's replaced by a sort of "bridge" in the form of "take this world, sell our souls, and place it on the foot of pretty girl". That line takes the song from a throw away goof--which the demo is, to serious critique of myself and Men. I can't really say whether that was intentional or not.

I choose to demo the lyrics in this manner because I'd settle on not actually using the lyrics--they were to ridiculous, but later I changed my mind when they seemed all to appropriate for the person I was becoming for "edward murphy".

Homo-erotic undertones about "touching the wood" were not written so intentionally, I was speaking earnestly about what I like to do at the hardware store.

People often assume that the album title "Edward Murphy" refers to Eddie Murphy's musically career, which was not my intention. The reasoning for naming albums after people was to associate the music with the generally feelings that the person evokes, IE Eddie Murphy to me, evokes immaturity, humor, and sex--mostly from his stand-up video's "Delirious" and "Raw"-- and that was what I was feeling mostly.

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