Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dual Fritz AD/AR Envelope Generator

I was surfing around the web looking for a super simple Envelope Generator that didn't require any CMOS chips.  When I'm looking for projects for my synth, I'm not necessarily looking for the coolest, most wild modules to build.  I'm looking for stuff, simple enough, that I can comprehend what's going on in the schematic and build my knowledge and understanding of circuits.  I came across this build on  and thought I'd give it a go.

As you can see. it's pretty simple.  It utilizes a quad op amp, some resistors and whole bunch of diodes.  If you check out that page I link to above, you'll find 2 pcb layouts ready to go.  One is for a single Fritz AD/AR generator and the other is for a dual.  I opted for the dual

 so,  like all projects.  I breaded it up first to make sure it would work.  the only thing that initially confused me was the polarity of the Capacitor.  if the project doesn't seem to work, try turning your Capacitor around, worked for me.

Then I put the panel together.  The layout is a little strange but it's what worked best for mounting the PCB.  I picked up that Angle aluminum from the hardware store,  I just cut off the length I need with a hacksaw and drill holes in it.  works great.  It also makes the modules more rigid, which is nice.

Etched the PCB and drilled all the tiny holes.  I guess I should do a post on etching PCB's pretty soon.  Totally easy.

In the video, I use the top Envelope to control the VCA and the bottom to control the Filter.  

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